We believe every person deserves to own a little piece of magical semi-precious/ precious gemstone jewelry
At Phervoni, we sell exclusive and alluring gemstone jewelry that brings love and magic to people around the world. We believe that high quality jewelry should not only be reserved for a limited group of people but to anyone who desires them. As such, we offer fair pricing for all jewelry we sell, while ensuring that our brand keeps ethical sourcing in mind. We promise to provide affordable gemstone jewelry that can be held as Keepsakes for Generations to come.
Hi there, I’m Bunmi Dominic, founder of Phervoni. I started this brand with a passion for genuine gemstones, going way back to my childhood. One time, my mom gave me one of her coral necklaces for my birthday; it was a piece I wore on special occasions because I cherished it so much. In Nigeria, the coral jewelry symbolized royalty and wearing it made me feel special, like a princess.
Having been raised around such luxurious jewelry, my desire for jewelry making and adorning exquisite pieces grew over the years. And while the ‘more expensive pieces’ were often out of reach, I adorned myself with gemstone pieces that made me feel good about myself. Soon, I realized that the value of any jewelry goes beyond its price tag, but by the memories and personal connection that we place on these items.
I still remember how good it felt wearing my mother’s royal jewelry. For me, it was never about the physical jewel, but the enduring memory that it left on me. And so I created Phervoni with a goal to empower other individuals with the same message of LOVE by gifting good memories to oneself and loved ones through gemstones.
Authentic and natural gemstones are always at the heart of Phervoni. We provide curated jewelry pieces that are sourced and handmade from real precious and semi-gemstones (such as Topaz, Amethyst, Labradorite, Rose quartz etc.) and precious & semiprecious metals (such as Sterling Silver, 14k & 18k Gold, Rhodium, Brass etc.). We work directly with manufacturers and bypass the middlemen for more sustainable and affordable pricing.
So, if you ever need an heirloom that can be passed down to a loved one, or a gemstone jewelry that professes love, caring and giving for generations to come; then Phervoni has all you need. Shop our collection of specially curated pieces and keep that generational memory in endless motion.